Do I need a process server?

Author: Mock Webware |

It is always best to hire a professional process server to serve your Plaintiff's Claim, Statement of Claim, or Application, especially when it comes to claims in Small Claims Court and Superior Court. Generally, the judges will recognize the person serving the document and believe that the document was properly served. If you try to serve the document yourself and the defendant disputes the service, you may find it more difficult to prove that you did. Defendants will react unpredictably when served with a legal document, as Court can be an intimidating test to learn from. Having a professional process server serve your document will eliminate the animosity between you and the defendant and ensure that both parties to the dispute save face. In addition, we often collect useful information that will help you with your case in the future. For example, we may obtain license plate numbers, names and description about individuals, pictures, or phone numbers that will become valuable information to you.

“On July 24, 2019, a process server knocked on a door in Tulsa, Oklahoma with eviction papers in hand. He attempted to serve Christopher Barnett, a former GOP candidate for governor who ran in 2018 and finished eighth in his 10-person field. Security cameras by Barnett’s door captured the scene as the process server attempted to serve the papers before being shot in the elbow. Although the server’s injuries were non-fatal, the incident still reminds process servers everywhere how quickly a normal serve can turn lethal.”